Best Business Phone System For Small Businesses

Each business has specific needs in regard to phone systems. However, there are near endless options out there when it comes to selecting the right phone system for a small business, medium or large organization.

If you are looking for a pbx phone system for small business or the best server for small business, you might want to get a system that provides excellent reliability, a host of features and cloud hosting abilities. Other features to watch for include call forwarding abilities, call recording, video, conferencing, mobility or virtual ability, computer integration, mobile integration, ease of use, extendibility, and low cost.

Below are some of the phone systems to consider for small businesses this year.

  • 8×8: 8×8 is a cloud-based solution that is very competitive for small businesses. It does not require expensive PBX and can be operated by an untrained IT staff. It provides a host of features including VoIP, although you will need a high-speed Internet access and IP phones. Other features include excellent reliability and one of the best customer support on such systems out there.
  • Ooma Office: This solution is designed with small businesses in mind, especially those that have fewer than 20 employees. This is one of the best pbx phone system for small business if you are looking for the best server for small business, because it is quick to set up, and no special wiring or phones are needed. Auto- receptionist, ring groups and voicemail-to-email are some of the features that will enable businesses to stay simple while acting professionally at the same time. The monthly pricing is also very competitive.
  • RingCentral: RingCentral is suited to small businesses that have on-the-go employees. The business phone lines are connected to employees’ mobile gadgets and home phones. Some other providers offer the service but RingCentral has more features in comparison. For instance, with RingCentral, you can also use a mobile app and “softphone” on your computer, all at a low cost.
  • VoIp: This service provides VoIP features and it can support five or up to 100 users. Actually, if you are a business person running a small business, you can go well with the smallest plan that accommodates up to five workers.
    It has a host of features to power businesses including digital call-forwarding, cell phone redirecting and extension monitoring. Other features include call parking, intercom service, call waiting and auto attendants. Your business will also enjoy digital queues, custom on-hold music, voice mail and call recording.
  • AT&T: AT&T is one of the best pbx phone system for small business if you are looking for the best server for small business. It is a solution you can take advantage of if you are a small business owner. It is also useful for satellite locations and brings in advanced voice and data technology among other benefits. With this system, your voice and data will work on a single network connection and device. The company also runs the AT&T Unified Communications Voice, a cloud-based IP telephony solution.

As stated in the beginning, the above can be categorized as some of the best pbx phone systems for small businesses and the best servers for small business. If you are running a call center or a large organization, you might want to look for more advanced phone systems with extended functionality and capability than those discussed above. However, the list does not indicate all the options for small businesses. You might want to consider others such as Axvoice, Barracuda, Cebod Telecom, Frontier, Fathom Voice, FreedomVoice and Jive.