How to Secure Your Business From Spaming?

With the increase in ransom ware, cyber crime is also expected to increase in the world. Thus, it is important that your IT system is secured so that there is no loss of important data from your system. Crime has become a big concern for the business owners as the criminals are continuously looking for more ingenious ways in which they can rob the honest and hard working people. Below discussed are some ways in which you can protect your business from cyber crimes and ensure more safety.
Educate Your Employees: One of the most common ways in which attackers try to trap your employees is social engineering. They send a notification email which may seem to have come from a delivery company or may appear to be an internal company message. The moment your employees get convinced to run these executable files, their goal is achieved. So, it is important that you train your employees not to open any suspicious mail or any unknown links and attachments about which they are not sure of.
Physical Action: You must install the latest anti-spam and anti-virus software on all your devices. It is also essential that you must update the software on regular basis. You must also update any software that is used in your business. Cyber crimes are generally seen to occur in those businesses which run on outdated software. You must use an offline device to keep a backup of all your important files. Sometimes, malware encrypts the files that are on drives and thus a regular backup regime is quite important. You must also check that the computer hardware services are done on a timely basis so that the work in the office is never interrupted.
Take The Advice Of Expert: To run your business successfully it is important that you concentrate all your efforts in doing so. In order to stay ahead in the game, you also need the support of an expert IT company who ensures that you are fully protected against any malicious activity. Your systems are kept optimized so that they deliver the best performance.
Apart from all these, carrying out regular checks and risk assessment ensures better security at the workplace. CCTV camera installation Dubai carried out by professionals also guarantees better protection in your office premises.


How To Opt For The Best Small Business Phone System?

The choice of the correct small business phone system should be made judiciously as communication is vital and at the same time you cannot afford to spend fortune for this aspect of your business. There are dozens of options available in the market that are new and many are not aware of. It is always better to take the expert’s advice who can guide in choosing the best phone system for your business.
First of all you need to find out what your business needs so that you can give your employees the correct tools which can make them work more efficiently.
A Look at the Key Features That Your Phone System Needs To Offer
1. Call Transferring: To effectively manage incoming call traffic, transferring of calls need to be very quick and prompt. You must have at least dual phone lines so that two calls are made possible at the same time.
2. Personal Voice mail: A personal voice mail will be your backup in case you are not in the office or busy in some other call. You may even specify the particular staff members, who can have access to this service.
3. Conference Calls: Businesses are now being conducted globally and it is not always possible to meet people in person. The conference call facility enables you to conduct collective conversations seamlessly with many people from all around the world at the same time.
4. Handsets Must Be User-Friendly: Handsets that come with easy accessing features can do a much better job for your business rather than the complex ones. For busy offices, one-touch speed dial in the phone system is a useful feature for the staff members.
The best phone system options that you can choose for your small business are:
1. Hybrid IP PBX Systems: This system offers traditional digital handsets along with latest IP technology. PBX phone system for small business is one of the most feasible options when it comes to selecting any media for communication.
2. Hosted Phone System: It is such an IP solution where you do not require an actual phone system.
3. IP PBX: Exclusively made for all IP connectivity and handsets.
Another latest technology is the VOIP via which staff working from anywhere can stay connected to your phone system. Many companies are also going for CCTV camera installation Dubai so as to ensure better safety and protection.