Be Free Of Technical Issues With Silver Falcon’s IT Solutions

Dealing with hardware and software issue in day to day life becomes a cumbersome process. The small and trivial issue can also make you lose out on hours of office or personal work and to find a company that not only provides computer hardware services but also offers cost effective software services is a task. But, you need not fret now! Silver Falcon, Computer Trading, LLC is here to cater to every IT need of yours. We, at Silver Falcon, deal not only with hardware but also software solutions.
Our services include barcode designing, bar code printing set up, servers for small business, biometric and printer setup, UPS setup and configuration, scanner setup, CCTV configuration, PBX phone system for small business, etc. Our software services include anti-virus software configuration, accounting software configuration, password recovery, backup software configuration, office installation, OS installation, troubleshooting, client and server setup for software, etc.
We understand the schedules that one is tied up with and hence provide quick, accurate and timely services. WE deliver what we promise. Your needs may be that of personal in nature or maybe the corporation that you work or own needs technical support, we provide services to all. Our hardware solutions are tailor made to suit your needs. Along with efficiency we also believe in precision. The hardware tools that we use are of the highest quality standards and will satisfy you without a doubt. We are also master in setting up PBX phone system so that your company can function without a glitch.  We know the trick to keep your employees and clients happy at the same time.
At Silver Falcon, utmost care is taken to address the needs of our clients. We promise to serve you only the best. Being one of the most sought after company in Dubai, we have made it a point to leave behind a trail of happy customers. We are literally just a phone call away. You can also leave your query online and our trained representatives will get back to you to serve you better.
Give us a chance to help you have technical issues free environment!


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